Image:  "Cosmic"  Cara Barer

Open now through April 26, 2014

Constructed Lore

  Casey Arguelles Gregory

  Mimi Kato


Mimi Kato and Casey Arguelles Gregory’s divergent media and aesthetics find common ground in their connection to narrative. Constructed Lore features Kato’s large-scale photographs and Gregory’s heavily impastoed canvases. Kato references Japanese woodblock printing with a heavy dose of humor and singular storytelling. Providing a visual contrast are Casey Arguelles Gregory’s colorful paintings, which investigate the structure of myth.



  Cara Barer


Meditations features the photographs of Cara Barer. "My photographs are primarily a documentation of a physical evolution. I have changed a common object into sculpture in a state of flux. The way we choose to research and find information is also in an evolution. I hope to raise questions about these changes, the ephemeral and fragile nature in which we now obtain knowledge, and the future of books. I am attempting to blur the line between objects, sculpture, and photography."

Sailing the Sea of Sutr

to the Wolfbat Santuary


May 3 - May 31, 2014


   Dennis McNett


In Sailing the Seas of Sutr to the Wolfbat Sanctuary, Nicole Longnecker Gallery features the work of world-reknowned Brooklyn, New York based woodcut artist Dennis McNett. His work has graced the windows of Barney’s New York, galleries in Copenhagen, Milan, London and Cologne along with exhibitions across the United States. The hand-painted, large format woodcuts and multi-color prints are being shown in Texas for the first time.



Image:  "Psychic Wolf"  Dennis McNett

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