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Adam Nisenson


As an artist and trained graphic designer, Adam is captivated by typography and the images of everyday marketing and advertising. By taking objects that most of us tune-out, like banners, pole signs and billboards, Adam is able to create new meanings, textures and themes by hand-cutting and weaving together over custom stretcher frames strips of recycled vinyl. He then finished off each new composition with a thick coat of epoxy to create a unique collage of shapes and texture.


Almost two years ago, Adam developed a technique he calls “Vinyl Weave Collage,” where he uses recycled vinyl banners, billboards and super-graphics, a material that would otherwise be sitting in landfills, creating a toxic gas (vinyl chloride). He recycles the vinyl and makes them into works of art with his collage technique. The work is a study of color and shape… it is also about taking an every day item like a piece of commercialism and not only repurposing it, but creating something beautiful out of an item like a billboard that most of us consider an eye sore.


Adam is a native Houstonian who moved to Los Angeles over five years ago for his son who is a working actor. He was the founder and owner of Active Imagination a graphic design firm for 16 years. He was an active member of the Houston Partnership and other community groups. Although he lives in Los Angeles his heart is always in Houston as is most of his family.



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