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Cathie Kayser is a Houston artist whose work is in collections in Houston, Los Angeles, Seattle, Cincinnati, and Tel Aviv. She has participated in numerous local and regional group exhibitions. She is a founder of PrintMatters, an arts organization she began with four other artists in 2009. In 2010, they started PrintHouston and Rockin’ Rollin’ Prints. 2015 is the fifth year.


Kayser is the studio manager and printing assistant to master printer Patrick Masterson at Burning Bones Press. She works in a variety of printmaking techniques––lithography, woodcuts, intaglio, and monoprints, and teaches workshops in polyester plate lithography.


Artist Statement


“You were never . . . but I keep looking for you anyway.”


This phrase has been running through my head the past several months.


I am a print artist. i work with various printmaking techniques—lithography, intaglio, relief, and monotype. Over the last several years i have assembled a “library” of images to use in my prints: my drawings and photographs; maps, charts and graphs; abstract textures. On any given day i could walk into my studio with an idea, pull out various images, use an existing matrix or create a new one, and make a composition.


This past summer personal circumstances made it very clear to me that i have no real “control.” i surrendered to this realization. i put away my “library.” i put aside my comfortable ways of working/thinking/seeing.

i let go.


This new work began as trace monotypes—think, Paul Gaugin. i inked a plate, laid a piece of paper on top, and blindly drew with various implements on the back of the paper. i began with very transparent inks, whispers of color, and slowly built up the surfaces.


Slowly, i began to understand what each piece was telling me it needed, if only i would be still and listen. Much like the people in my life.


“You were never . . . but I keep looking for you anyway.”



Artist CV


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