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Dennis McNett


Internationally known artist Dennis McNett has seen his murals fill the windows of Barneys New York along with walls in Philadelphia and New York City and had his artwork has been exhibited in the prestigious Victoria and Albert Museum in London. His work has been used by Van’s and Adidas shoes and apparel.


McNett carves every line of his plates himself, a daunting prospect when one considers the scale of many of his more recent projects. His influences culminate in the vivid contours covering his plates and the stark contrasts between positive and negative, light and dark.  The clean lines and shapes of his work reveal McNett as a storyteller. His prints weave lines in layer upon layer, creating a rich surface. It operates visually in the same way that a folktale seems so simple at first telling, but is interwoven with a complexity of characters, events, tradition, and meaning. A viewer of his work can begin to lose themselves in the patterns and curves of the pieces.


At first look McNett’s work focuses on imagery of Viking lore, but further inspection reveals a deeper narrative written by the artist and his desire to rewrite ancient Nordic Mythology to right the wrongs done in the original version. According to ancient mythology Fenris, son of Loki and the embodiment of a wolf, was imprisoned by the gods and eventually killed.  McNett continues the story in his work and uses Fenris’ sister Hel to resurrect the wolf. The Wolfbat tribe is the thread binds McNett’s work together as the tribe moves from place to place and the artist creates more of the story.



Dennis McNett received a BFA from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA, and an MFA from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. After years of living and working in Brooklyn, NY, Dennis recently relocated to Houston, TX.


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