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Floyd Newsum




Floyd Newsum, a painter and printmaker with a career spanning four decades, is a Houstonian by way of Memphis. Currently a University of Houston Art Instructor, he spent his childhood years in Tennessee and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts in Memphis before moving to Philadelphia where he earned a Master’s Degree in Fine Art.


Much of Newsum’s work demonstrates the influence of West African art in his work. His work is often filled with a signature combination of marks, and abstract patterns along with fish, birds, and ladders. His compositional style generally feels childlike; however, his subject matter centers on cultural climates, political statements, and world events. The contrast of his naive style and serious state of the world focus lend a multi-dimensional quality to his work. In his own words, Newsum has said “I want to provoke thought or conjecture from the viewer. My paintings are a collection of thoughts in a single composition, with the power to present more than one interpretation.”


About his 2017 exhibit, Newsum wrote, “The Kite series is a symbol of resilience. It is a form that is the equal to the ladder. The Kite soars against the sky and is able to confront the turbulence of life. For me, it also will suggest a playful form dancing across the visual space. It is my attempt to create the notion of stability in concert with graphic marks arranged in free-flowing gestural rhythm. The usual elements of the chicken, dog, ladder, house and woman with my whimsical marks are a staple in the compositions. This series also is about black and white with limited color.”


Floyd Newsum has two paintings acquired by the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture which opened in  September, 2016. His work can be seen in many private collections around the country and many museum collections, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.



Artist CV


Black and White with Gray and Color

January 14, 2016 - February 18 2017

Other works

Floyd Newsum, After The Storm CNN, oil, acrylic, art on paper, 52 x 82” contemporary art, fine art,  dark blue painting, Smithsonian,


Floyd Newsum and his “After The Storm CNN”

oil and acrylic on paper, 52 x 82”

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