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Julian Lorber




Julian Lorber is an American artist based in Brooklyn, NY. He produces works using paint, drawing, collage, video, sculpture and installation. unique artwork and editions with both tactile and digital techniques. His artworks are about interactions and intention, between ourselves and the space we inhabit.


Julian was born in Bennington, Vermont and he received his B.F.A at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. He has recently exhibited at Nicole Longnecker Gallery, Victori+Mo, Galerie Ernst Hilger and his recent show at Outlet Fine Art received a review in Art in America. His works have auctioned in museum, college, and institution benefits, including the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston and The Massachusetts College of Art. Works have been included in numerous art fairs including Volta NY and Miami Basel, and are in private collections in the U.S and Europe.


Artist statement about

"This Is How We Play Now"


*I wanted to create a piece that would be about our social, political and environmental interaction, and specifically an American conversation.


'This Is How We Play Now is composed using studded baseballs, some of which are embedded in walls. In this piece, the American pastime has become a dangerous, Dada-esque object.


*It represents our concurrent interaction, that being social, political, environmental.


*There is a subculture context to this work. The desire to touch or use these sculptures functionally versus- collecting and viewing as an artwork. This is the roll of intention behind my work. The artwork is purchased as art but is also intended to be physically used if that is the collector's intention."


Artist Statement


"I was observing the visual effects of soot and paint on architecture, brick, stone and interiors, viewing the light and our constant interaction with these surfaces and thought it would be an interesting way to approach orchestrating a painted surface. I have been creating a body of artworks over the past year to illustrate concepts of invisible space, and art objects within the space that act on the invisible. These works are rooted in defining our new interaction with our spaces through the lens of pollution and our relationship with it."



Artist CV


How We Play

December 9, 2016 - January 7, 2017

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