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Linde Pieper


Artist Statement


"I see myself as a forager of colours and shapes within the surroundings in which I find myself. I explore rhythm, colour, form and material. I try to achieve a freedom in my work, leaving the representational and for the unconscious to take over. I look for a dialogue of unity and tension of neighbouring and overlapping hues as well as spatial manipulation of background and foreground.


The curiosity and excitement of finding new combinations sustains me and spurs me on to work. To see colour and its mystery not only soothes my inner being but gives me energy and lifts my spirit in a complicated world. My work with colour has become an act of rescue and recovery."



Originally from Wageningen, The Netherlands, Linde currently lives and works in Houston, TX.


Artist CV


Linde Pieper/Seth Daulton

July 8 - August 19, 2017

2625 Colquitt Street   ||    Houston, TX 77098  ||    346-800-2780

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