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Megan Harrison


In response to the idea of protecting one’s self in unfamiliar surroundings, I imagined drifting, fortress-like structures floating in a discrete and unidentified space. Despite some familiar features in the construction, these alien shelters elude classification. Unsteady and playful slabs built with blocks of subtle color and rich India ink move in and out of deep space, interacting with and moving away from the surface of the paper. Shifting under careful observation these structure become a kind of psychological outpost representing a reluctantly available place to take shelter.


I am interested in how we are shaped by our surroundings and experiences, both physically and psychologically, emphasizing the fluid force of the psyche and the ever-becoming nature of the sublime. These ideas are inspired and reinforced by writings of Joan Richardson, Rosemary Joyce and Sherry Turkle, underlining the importance of concrete experimentation in order to understand the possibilities of experience and an appreciation for the fact that our knowledge far exceeds our ability to articulate it.




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