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Help Yourself


Sketchy Neighbors


Sketchy Neighbors are:

Anthony Butkovich • Brenda Cruz-Wolf

Chris Thompson • Katsola

Joseph Blanchard • Colin Kaeppel

Stephanie Lienhard • Leslie Magdaleno


Help Yourself is an exhibition inspired by self-help. Concepts and materials were randomly drawn and paired, defining the parameters for each artist’s piece. Expect to see unorthodox materials, such as modified Easy-Bake Ovens, cereal boxes, and vitamins.


Background: Sketchy Neighbors was formed in February 2009 by Houston artists Carlos Hernandez and Katsola. Begun as an effort to create an artist collective, its mission was to make art based on ideas and materials randomly drawn from a hat. The idea behind this approach was to do something out of each artist’s comfort zone and to collaborate with people out of their normal social circles.

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