Art Storage    

When you require fine art storage, we offer professional, personalized, fine art storage solutions from ALARA Art Fine Art Storage. Located next to our gallery space, ALARA Art offers secure, climate-controlled, insured private storage. 

    •  Private storage vaults range in size from 10 square feet to over 2000 square feet.
    •  Nortec climate control system (68-72 degrees & 50-55% relative humidity) 
    •  State-of-the-art electronic security systems with 24-hour monitoring 
    •  Customized unique card access to both facility and art storage 
    •  Ecaro-25 gas fire suppression system
    •  Stand-alone steel and concrete structure 
    •  Back-up generator to maintain climate control, fire protection and security 
    •  Ability to customize storage area to fit the needs of your collection
    •  Storage on second floor level for flood protection
    •  Convenient inside the Loop 610 location minutes from Memorial Park
    •  Substantial off-street parking 
    •  Interior weather-protected secure asset loading 
    •  9.5 foot ceiling height typical 
    •  Lounge area with coffee bar
    •  Wi-fi access throughout facility