Cesar Santander


Cesar Santander
Iconic hyperrealist painter Cesar Santander was born on June 26, 1947, near Cadiz, Spain. He got his BFA and MFA in the US at Pratt Institute, New York University, and Florida International University in the late 1960s and early 1970s. He lives and works in New York City where much of his content is inspired. Cesar is one of the leading hyperrealists and has been the subject of many articles and book chapters during his career. "Once I conceive an idea for a painting, I arrange the objects and then use the camera to produce the strongest photographic example of my original idea. Then I paint the photographic image. Superficially, I appear to copy the photograph, but I make many adjustments to the photographic image as I complete the painting. I try to impose my own vision by subtle adjustment of colours, edges and details so that the finished painting is the strongest representation of the original idea." - Cesar Santander