Eric Ockrassa : Back on the Grid

Nicole Longnecker Gallery announces the solo exhibit, “Back on the Grid,” featuring a selection of work by Chicago-based artist Eric Ockrassa.

 “I first saw Eric’s work in 2013 at a University of Houston student exhibit,” said gallery owner Nicole Longnecker. “It was apparent he had a unique artistic vision with his use of hard geometric shapes and optical elements. We are excited to show Eric’s work for the first time in our new space.”

ARTIST STATEMENT: "I am interested in pure color relations and optical movement. I create non-static compositions with cyclical or otherwise delegated movement in mind. This movement is developed through the use of hard edge lines and color contrasts.  Flat areas of color and segmented gradations become the building blocks of the work along with their separating lines.  I see these lines as shapes, with a physical depth, parallel to the shapes they divide. These lines, or hard transfers as I like to call them, are also a way for me to develop a sense of order within the composition and alter how colors interact with each other.

With a super-flat application of paint, my goal is to minimize the observable hand or any type of perceivable brush stroke. This focuses the attention onto the color relations and movement of the work rather than any type of mark making or unwanted directional movement."

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