Floyd Newsum "Past, Present, and Future"

Nicole Longnecker Gallery announces the solo exhibit, "Past, Present, and Future," featuring a selection of work by renowned Houston artist Floyd Newsum. This work is a reflection of an important artist’s career including early works never seen by or offered to collectors. This exhibit shows the metamorphosis of Newsum’s development from a still life painter to an artist with a rich, personal symbolic language spread through paintings of all sizes.

About his work, Newsum elaborates, “My symbols suggest playful forms dancing across the visual space in concert with graphic marks arranged in free flowing gestural rhythm. The usual elements of the chicken, dog, ladder, house and woman with my whimsical marks are a staple in these compositions.”

 “I’m excited to present this body of work by one of Houston’s finest artists,” said gallery owner Nicole Longnecker, “and show collectors some of these older pieces that are coming to the market.”

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