John Adelman - Art for the Artist online exhibit

This year John Adleman, gallery artist and friend, has been courageously fighting kidney cancer. As you can imagine, with everything going on in the world, it’s been particularly difficult for John to continue working as an artist and professor, which has impacted his ability to pay for his medical expenses. John has been with us since the beginning of Nicole Longnecker Gallery and we want to support and help him.  
We curated this special exhibit of his work available online this fall. In support of John and his work we will give a substantial portion of every sale directly to John. Take a look, if something catches your eye please let us know. We absolutely love to talk with you about John's art.  
The gallery has represented John for years and his work is in dozens of homes. We hope you will take the opportunity during this on-line exhibition to add one of John’s works to your collection.  
We are available by appointment Tuesday through Saturday, through email or phone and are happy to work with your schedule. 

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