Sites: Seth Daulton at Dillon Kile Architects

Join us at Dillon Kyle Architects as they showcase the work of Seth Daulton, who works with drawings and a variety of printmaking techniques. There will be an opening reception open to the public on Friday February 7, 6pm to 8pm.

Seth Daulton is a Texas artist who makes mixed process prints and drawings. Seth believes in the power of travel and the enjoyment, fear and excitement when one is suddenly immersed in a place that is entirely unknown to them. "My visual exploration is driven by my phenomenological interaction with travel and the hyper-awareness that occurs when visiting unfamiliar places. I seek out the unanticipated. I create ethereal images that call for an introspective response from the viewer. The artwork serves as a pathway to reach uncharted destinations that defy articulation and are in constant motion. There exists an interstice between our lived experience and memory. My work probes this ambiguous zone and attempts to render its description visually. Ultimately, the destinations I search for are unknowable and just out of reach. However, my artistic search embodies a relevant practice of looking, providing some direction to find their true whereabouts.“

Seth holds an MFA in Printmaking from Indiana University and BFA in Graphic Design from Baylor University.


Seth is currently working as Technical Assistant and Exhibitions Coordinator at Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX.

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